how do i link up?


Hello! We're happy you're interested in joining the One Room Challenge® as a Guest Participant on Thursdays. Each Thursday, after you have published your room transformation update on your site, come to this site and link up your progress (a direct link to your post is required). Please do not email to ask what time it goes live (we won’t answer).

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  • Note: You must have a published post to link up.

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  • Note: The URL is a direct link to your blog post.

  • The title slot will have the unedited post title. Take the time to edit. This is what people will see under your image.

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  • Note: The thumbnail image in the square is what everyone will see. 

  • Before you click 'done', edit your thumbnail image.

  • Once you are satisfied, click 'done'.


best practices for thumbnail image selection


We have studied the click count from many One Room Challenge™ Guest Participant pages over several years. Although there is always an outlier to the rule, our recommendations are based on analyzing the statistics. Using this gorgeous room and images from The Pink Pagoda as the example, here are our suggestions:

This is done in the final stage of link up, before you hit 'done' (see above)

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  • Note: An image will automatically appear. If you do nothing, this is how it will be displayed.

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  • Note: Pick image, click Crop and crop image in pop-up window.


how to best crop thumbnail images

A Good Crop (1).png
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 You can practice these skills on this test linking page. 


Have fun!